Friday, February 11, 2011

Better Late Than Never

It's almost 10:45PM and I am just now getting to the blog for today. I have been so busy at school, then after school, then tonight dinner with friends... that I have not had a chance to get to it today. As I sit here frantically trying to get my words down for the day, I am reminded of the famous saying, "Better Late Than Never." I am sure some folks stopped by today and thought that my blogging streak had ended...Maybe some have checked back in multiple times today hoping for some words. To those who are patient and faithful readers... TADA!!! Here is my wisdom for the day.

As I typed the words Better Late Than Never I immediately begin to think of things that are truly better late, than never at all... Here are some things I thought of.

1. Your library book.... It is always better to turn that thing in late than never at all.... Do you know how much those books cost if you lose it? For some reason library books cost a small fortune!!!

2. Paying Your Bill... If you never pay the bill its going on your credit and the results are far worse than just a small late few...much better late than never!

3. Your taxes... I am little miffed that I have to wait to file mine this year because of some new tax code, but hey, at least I will eventually get a refund. Late money is WAAYYY better than no money ever!!!

4. Snow... The other night as I waited on snow to fall, it never came... I would much rather it had come late into the night, than never coming at all like it did... True, it is hard to wait up on snow to fall, but how awesome is it to see the first flakes fall... Too bad I didn't really see any Thursday like I was hoping for.

5. Animal Projects... Next week my class has an animal project due on Friday... Trust me... It will be far better for them to turn it in late on Monday than to not turn it in at all... I will NOT be happy. Get those projects done kiddos. :0)

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