Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snows of the Past

As you can tell from the last few days of posts, I LOVE SNOW! There are so many things I love about it.

1. I love how it reminds me of the Lord's forgiveness...I have been washed WHITER than the snow.

2. I love how pretty it makes everything... I mean, even the trash can looks picture worthy with snow on it.

3. I love how it forces us to slow down, whether we want to or not.

4. I love how it gives me time with my family.

5. I love all of the traditions it has created... snowmen, sledding, snow cream, snow days, bread and milk, etc... One tradition my family seems obsessed with is taking pictures in the snow.

Since I have had a lot of time on my hands the past 3 days, I dug out all my old pics and looked at every one. As I looked, I noticed I had lots of "snow pics." Take a look at some of them with me.

As you can see from these first 2, it doesn't take much to get us excited about snow. This first pic was nothing but sleet, but it was starting to get white outside so my mom and I had to run out and get a pic. The one below it the shows the snow just barely starting to fall, but I had to get a pic of the car. I guess we do that down here in the south because the snow could be gone just as fast as it started and we want to capture the moment. I laughed when I saw the car pic too. I must have a 100 pics of cars with snow on them.

As I perused the pics, I realized that family pics in the snow seemed to be genetic. This one is of my mom in the snow when she was just 13 months old. I loved that my granny spread a towel out for her to sit on. The one below her is kind of fuzzy, but that is me in the yellow hat and that is Lake Bowen behind me. Wonder how long it had been cold for that to happen?

I realize that snow can be a disruption for some folks. It has gotten in the way of my mom's birthday twice. Her birthday is January 2nd. When she turned 40, there was a HUGE ice storm and it totally ruined her big surprise party. This pic here is a few years later. It started pouring down snow while we were all out eating at Capri's for her big meal.

I will NEVER EVER forget the wonderful White Christmas that we just had, but looking back at these pics reminded me that we had snow pretty close to Christmas once before. This was my Sophomore year of college. We all got real wooden sleds for Christmas, and that year it snowed 2 days after Christmas so we got to use our sleds.

This pic here shows the first snow I had while living on my own. This was the view from my apartment at Green Tree Apartments in Taylors in 2001.

This pic is one of my favorites for 2 reasons. 1. This was my first snow day as a a teacher. We got about 6 inches during that storm. This was in the parking lot at my 2nd apartment in Duncan.
2. The story that happened during the night before this pic... There was a "domestic" dispute in the building beside mine at about 3am. I was awake of course, watching the snow, and this lady got mad at her husband and literally threw all of his clothes off the balcony from the 3rd floor. When the cops came, the man was trying to climb the tree to get his clothes. Let's just say he was NOT DRESSED for the weather!!! It was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

That same snow storm was my niece Taylor's first snow. I risked my life for this very picture. I am sure I have one with Sophie too, but I could not find it. :0(

I found these pics too. Apparently my family has sucked others into our snow pic history. Look at my brother-in-law on the left... Doesn't he look thrilled!!!

Out of all the pics I found, this one was one of my favorites because the snowflake was literally in front of my face. I thought it was so fitting since I absolutely LOVE the snow!


johnnielynn said...

Love it

Jen said...

i forgot that we lived at Greentree at the same time in 2001. i think just about everyone who could almost afford to live off campus at ngc lived for some period of time at Greentree.