Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day #4

Well... Here it is... Snow Day #4. There is nothing we can do about it, but embrace it. I am looking forward to it. I am sure I will have a moment of boredom, but with the busy life I lead, sometimes boredom is a great thing!!!

Yesterday after it was announced that there would be no school again for the 4th day in a row, here are a few status updates that I saw come across Facebook.

Snow day #4 tomorrow....UUUGGGHHHH . . . The first 2 were fun, but now not so much. We'll have to make these up when it is nice outside.

Really?? no school again tomorrow....the roads are practically bare...

CANNOT BELIEVE SCHOOL IS CLOSED AGAIN TOMORROW!!!!!!! I've been out and about a good bit today, even backroads, and everything is mostly dry! Not just not icy, but dry.
I know... I know... These folks are tired of being stuck... I think we can all relate... Yesterday, I was actually excited about cleaning the toilet because it was something to do.

But what is the big deal about staying home one more day? In 8 days we will all be putting TGIF on our status because we are so tired and ready for the weekend.

As an educator, I am so glad that schools make cautious decisions. There is no amount of days they can add to the end of school that I would not be happy to work to protect Taylor and Sophie and all of my students both current and past. I have seen lots of pics from friends and on the news of roads that are no where near clear. Just because the roads you traveled in your neighborhood and to Wal-Mart were clear doesn't mean all of them were.

I remember one time in High School we were at school and it started to snow... It snowed all day long and the schools kept us there because it wasn't sticking. Finally at about 1:15 they dismissed early. On the way home that day a girl in my class slid off the road and hit a tree. She never made it home. I think of her mother every time it snows, and every time I hear someone complain about being "snowed in" and about how ridiculous we do things around here. I bet her mother would give anything if we could have let that day of school go.

So... Relax, take a deep breath, enjoy another day at home, and be thankful someone out there is thinking of the safety of you and your kids.

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teresa said...

You said it Jed. Amen. A lot of our children live on roads that don't see the sun all winter. There is a hill where I live and cars still can't make it up. Just this morning you could hear tires spinning and smell rubber burning with people trying to make it up that hill.