Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog From A Parking Lot

I am sitting in the parking lot of Macaroni Grill right as I type. I am here waiting on a friend of mine who was in town for one night and I realized I am gonna be ready for bed as soon as I get home, but thanks to the Blogger App. I can blog sitting here waiting.

It's funny to me the different things that one might see as you sit in a parking lot at night. Here are a few things that I am observing right now. I feel like s private detective.

1. The Tundra in front of me cannot park. Don't you hate it when grown people cannot stay in between those little white lines!!!

2. The Italian music from the restaurant is a bit too loud in the parking lot for this time of night. Who wants to hear someone belting out opera after 8???

3. There is a car two rows over sporting a Green Bay Packers flag. Guess they are happy. Too bad I don't see any Seahawks flags. I wanted them to win it all.

4. There is a whole row of empty spaces right at the front door for to go orders. What a waste of space right now. Those should be able to be used during non busy times for take out right??

5. There is one car parked way away from all the rest. I wonder if someone left it there to go out with friends or if it's a worker. It could be broken down or maybe someone left it there hoping to be stolen.

Ok. My friend just got here. Happy dinner to me!!!

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