Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reminiscing 2010

This was a great year. So much happened this year that I am ecstatic to think about. I thought I would share some of those things today as we approach the end of the year tomorrow night!

1. Change of Lifestyle- This time last year I was just stepping out on the weight loss journey. I honestly NEVER would have thought that I would have come so far with this one. On this day last year I was a good 200... I had lost about 25. Now... 150!

2. Running- With the healthy eating lifestyle came the fitness as well. Running was not even a thought in my head this time last year. Some time around March I started training for a little 5k at my church...Today, I am training for a full 26.2 marathon in March of 2011. Here is a list of races I have done this year.
1. AMRBC 5K-27:30
2. Jim Hauser Run For Hope- 21:48 (2nd in my age group)
3. Back to School 5k- 21:16 (1st in my age group)
4. Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon- 1hr. 30 minutes (32nd out of 4,000)
5. Turkey Day 10k- 30:55 (16th out of 450)

3. Drove across country for the second time in my life and this time was just as amazing!

4. Went to San Diego with my friend Teri from Utah and her family. First time I had seen her in 12 years. It was like I saw her last week!

5. iPhone 4 became a part of my life and and a permanent fixture to my body!!!!!

6. I had my first encounter with a cushion eating squirrel.

7. I finally cut down the rotted tree in my back yard.

8. Over 1600 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes collected at church. It was a new church record!!!

9. A WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something I have hoped for my entire life, and it finally happened.

10. All of my family is healthy and safe!

Tell me some of the good things that happened to you this year!

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Teri said...

fJed, I saw you during the summer of 2008, you silly......