Thursday, December 9, 2010

25 Days of Christmas-9

We all love getting gifts at Christmas. You can act like you don't but you do. Even if it is something small sitting on the counter when you get home, or a little prize a coworker leaves on your desk, or maybe even a HUGE box delivered to your door...regardless, you like it.

Imagine with me, if you will, that you had decide between getting a Christmas present for someone you really love, and feeding them dinner. A lot of folks that you pass everyday are making that decision right now. Times are hard for them. They may be out of job, taking a pay cut, or in the worst case scenario homeless.

It is times like these where those of us who can help, should. Forget about all your opinions about why times are hard, or why they don't have any money... Their kids don't deserve to miss out.

At our school we having a giving tree every year where we can help those are in need during the holidays. Of course we help them all year, but during this time we sometimes need a little extra help.

Below is a pic of our giving tree this year. Our awesome guidance counselor made this Palmetto Tree in honor of our school being Palmetto's Finest this year. On the tree there are name tags of needy children in our community. There are still lots of names. If you would like to sponsor a tag, we would love to have you help. All the gifts have to be purchased, wrapped, and ready to go by next week, so I need you to act fast. Email me at if you are interested in helping.

Merry Christmas!

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