Wednesday, December 8, 2010

25 Days of Christmas-8

I love decorating my trees. One tree in particular has all my meaningful ornaments on it. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of ornaments from my childhood... Who knows where they all are, but I do have some special ones that I wanted to show you.

The first one is a new one this year. I got it from a friend of mine Jill, who was getting rid of a whole bunch of Christmas stuff. She referred to me as Mr. Christmas and thought that I needed this ornament. I do love it. I am gonna try to make some of these to give as gifts next year. Maybe you'll be a lucky recipient!!!

This one is also new this year. It came from my principal. She gave all of us one in honor of our Palmetto's Finest win! I want a whole tree full of these!

This is from my friend JoAnn. She gave this one to me just for my sentimental tree, that I am trying to slowly turn into a Carolina tree. It may take me a while. Send me a Carolina ornament if you find any!

My friend Pam bought me this one because she said I was always on the go!!! Love that he has a phone!

This is one of 5 Operation Christmas Child ornaments I have. You get one for every year that you go to the warehouse to work. I hope to have a tree full of these one day! Love OCC!

This is one of hundreds I have gotten from students. His name, Robert Alan Bailey Jr. He told me that was his name all the time. He loved to say his full name. He was one of the funniest students I have ever taught! He is in the 8th grade now. My how time flies.

This is the very first ornament I received as a teacher. It came from a little girl named Brooke Horton. She gave it to me in 2001. Her name is on the bottom of it so I will never forget!

Merry Christmas!

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