Sunday, December 19, 2010

25 Days of Christmas-19

Back before I was ever at my school, my coworker JoAnn started a reading club called Arthur's Reading Club in order to get kids to fall in love with reading. Arthur is a book character that has been around a while, and all the books are perfect for a 2nd grade reader.

The first year I started working with her I became an instant fan of the club. It gets the kids reading in an amazing way!!! Last week as I was looking for her a gift, I found this perfect ornament for her.

When I found it, I immediately wanted one for myself. It was perfect for a teacher tree!!! I had to put my own selfish feelings aside, and like any other good shopper I just looked to find another one. I looked all over that store. I moved every Christmas ornament in the place twice thinking that it would be hidden somewhere.

With no luck, I made up my mind that my friend JoAnn deserved this ornament. She started a fantastic club that is great for kids, and this Arthur ornament was a perfect reminder of her hard work. I gave it to her on Friday morning and she was ecstatic!!! She said she had always looked for an Arthur ornament but could never find one. I was so happy she liked it.

After I gave her the gift, I went down to my classroom and my kids were all begging me to open my gifts. This little kid handed me a gift bag and said, "I got you an ornament you are gonna love." I opened it up, and what in the world was it..... AN ARTHUR ORNAMENT JUST LIKE THE ONE I GAVE JOANN!!!! I could not believe it!!!

I was so excited to get that thing. I am sure the kids thought, "Wow, Mr. D sure does love Arthur!" I almost cried... Not because I got what I wanted, but because that is what Christmas is about... Putting others before yourself... Then just look what happened. It was AWESOME, and that ornament will always be a reminder to me, to put others first!

Merry Christmas!

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