Wednesday, December 15, 2010

25 Days of Christmas-15

Every year for the past 13 or so I have played my trumpet in a Christmas musical. I love to play during this time of year because the music is always so much fun! This year's musical at church is titled, The First Noel. It is a great musical, but I must admit that parts of it are very challenging for me. Tonight at our dress rehearsal I totally bombed my big solo part at the beginning of the show. Big time bomb!!!!! It was right at the beginning of practice too so I couldn't pull the whole "my lips are tired" excuse.

My lips felt swollen from the very first note tonight. Maybe all my running in the cold this week had an effect on them. Thankfully Sunday is a rest day for me, so hopefully I will be ready by our performance that night.

If you want the details about show times, feel free to drop me a comment and a way to get back with you, and I will get you all the details. If you don't come to our church musical, find one somewhere near you and go. You won't regret it, and it will get you in the right frame of mind to celebrate the season.

Merry Christmas!

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