Tuesday, December 14, 2010

25 Days of Christmas-14

Yep... My family is a pack of idiots when it comes to Christmas. We will do what ever we need to in order to make some memories, and tonight we proved that. With a parade time temperature of 28, and and wind chill of 19, we bundled up like any decent Southerner, with our long johns, "toe"boggins, wooly hats, and extra thick socks from Carolina Cash, and headed out to the curb with our pop up camping chair to get the best spot for the annual Spartanburg Christmas Parade.

We got there a bit early because we wanted a good spot. No fear of a big crowd though..they were the smart ones...parked along the streets in their warm cars until the parade got a bit closer. O not us though, we are troopers... real die hard, go getters, when it comes to Christmas time fun!

My nieces really got us in the spirit quickly as they screamed "Happy Merry Christmas" to EVERY person who walked by. It was so funny because there was hardly anybody down there and there little tiny voices seemed to echo down the empty streets of downtown.

Those poor guys selling the Christmas junk out of their buggies were overwhelmed with all the yuletide greetings being screamed at them. A few of them did not even know how to respond to such Southern kindness. One of them did give the girls a free bag of cotton candy just for being so sweet.

After arriving around 6, the parade finally made its way down to where we were sitting around 7. Boy were we glad to see it coming. We shouted and hooted and hollered at every float, band, and hillbilly car that went by. We even yelled at the local TV celebrities that came by. We had a BLAST!

Yes, it was bitterly cold!!! My toes are all swaddled up in a heating pad as I type, in a way that would make any baby in a manger jealous. But man, was it worth it!! We laughed so hard and just spent some good quality time together sitting on the side of the street watching Christmas go by!

Below are a few pics I snapped with my phone. There are not too many because my phone is a touch screen and I couldn't bear to take my gloves off for more than a second or two.

Of course, this was the girls favorite part!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Teri said...

What the hell is a "toe"boggan?????? It's like you are speaking in a foreign tongue!