Wednesday, November 3, 2010

S.O.S (Save Our Surroundings)

You have read about Donors Choose before on here. It is a website where teachers can post proposals for things they need for their classrooms and anonymous donors from around the country can give 1 dollar to the full amount of the proposal to buy the materials for my their classes. I have seen LOTS of success with this site, and it is very addicting. My mind is constantly dreaming big for my students.

I currently have 4 proposals online, and one is really close to getting funded. I only need 88 more dollars to fund the proposal, S.O.S (Save Our Surroundings) Just click on the title there and you can go read it. I am asking for a class set of books to teach my students about habitats around the world and a habitats board game. With 88 dollars left I just need 11 people to give 8 dollars. Any takers out there in blog land? Click on the link and give today!!!

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