Monday, November 8, 2010

"Little" Life Accomplishments

I am taking a class on Monday nights to learn how to better meet the needs of gifted children. It has been an interesting class, and I have learned a lot. During the class tonight we were discussing the pefectionist child. Many times they are not able to see all their accomplishments because they focus on the things they cannot do or haven't done.

The teacher encouraged us to make a list of 20 accomplishments from any part our lives that were big and important to us, but may not seem "all that big" in the world's eyes in order that we could see some of our own accomplishments no matter how big or small. What a better place to do that than right here.

1. Installed deck lighting all by myself.
2. Played a trumpet solo during the marching show in 9th grade.
3. Ran for student council in 6th grade. I lost, but I was so proud I ran.
4. Hung all the blinds in my new house by myself 5 years ago.
5. Drove across country 2 times.
6. Repaired my broken power lock on my old Eclipse.
7. Making my first Alumini Casserole.
8. Running that first mile.
9. Meeting with the State Superintendent
10. Getting Donors Choose projects funded
11. Played The Star Spangled Banner all by myself to open the Upper State Band Competition
when I was in 9th grade. My whole family came. It was a big deal to me.
12. Keeping in touch with a great friend who lives out of state for 16 years!
13. In 4th grade I danced with this girl named Dena in our school program. My mom was so
14. Leading the Christmas Sing-A-Long at WHES. It was a blast!
15. Leading the OCC ministry at church.
16. Buying my first lawn mower. I felt so grown up!
17. Growing a beard. It's a man thing... Most of my readers are women I think.
18. Booking my first hotel room for a trip. Again, I felt like a grown up.
19. Leading a team to work at an Alaskan Youth Camp one summer.
20. Tonight I successfully answered the Final Jeopardy question.... It was about Heinz Ketchup!


The Rickards Family said...

Dang, I should have watched Jeopardy tonight. I probably could have gotten that one, too.

Megan said...

I got my G/T endorsement last summer, and it has really impacted the way I teach my class of gifted kids. They're blossoming-- I hope you get the same results for your hard work!