Saturday, October 23, 2010

Silly Saturday 8

Here are some things that made me laugh this week.

1. My little fashion diva student saw these shoes and asked me why I wore my bowling shoes to school?

2. At lunch a student was talking about her Halloween costume to one of her friends. She told him she was going to be a "Po Po." Her friend was VERY confused. He had no idea what a " Po Po" was. He said, you mean like a poor person?? She said, no that's a hobo. I am gonna be a Po Po. The exchange went on for 5 minutes til someone across the table screamed in frustration, IT'S A POLICEMAN!!!!

3. When my students are working, I always tell them to let me know if they don't "get" something so I can help them figure it out. This week a student came to me and said, "Mr. Dearybury, I just don't get it." I was thrilled that she asked me for my help....was it a math question, was she confused about a word???? I said, "what do you not get?" Her reply... "I don't get where all this snot comes from... I blow and blow and it comes right back!"

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Susie said...

I love your Silly Saturdays! I have to share one with you too. I was blowing my nose, and a student came up and grabbed a tissue. Then she said in a very serious voice, "Mrs. Goneau, I have the snuffles too."