Saturday, October 2, 2010

Silly Saturday 5

Here are some things that made me laugh this week...

1. True kid quote... "My mama likes my daddy, but he won't marry her!"

2. As I am dressed like a hot dog, a kid runs up to me and says... "Um you are dressed like a hotdog." I am so glad he told me!!!!

3. Ho Ho Ho.... Happy Halloween!!! What a kid said as he passed me in the hall!

4. When a little girl walked out in the car line to leave it was raining... She stopped everyone, put her hands up as to command attention, and said... "People, Do you see it??? Can you believe it??? Right now it is PRECIPITATING!!!" We just finished our weather unit!

5. A kid who was literally flopping around on the floor all day looked up at me and said, "Am I being good today?"

6. Friday at lunch this kid started telling me about her clip on hand sanitizer that was hanging on her lunch box. She said "that if I got one that I could clip it on my man purse..." I told her I didn't have a man purse... She said, "well you have a bag with all your stuff in it... It's a man purse." I said nooooo, it's a bag with all my stuff.

7. Read the question and look at the response.

8. This little girl keeps bringing me coupons for healthy food, except they are not really coupons, just pics of food that she thinks I will like.

Happy Saturday!

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Jen said...

the kid flopping around in the floor is cracking me up because i can so see bailey doing that!