Saturday, September 18, 2010

Silly Saturday 4

Things that made me laugh this week...

1. On Tuesday we watched the president give a welcome back to school speech. I told the kids we were getting ready to watch the speech and a kids asked, "Is the chief coming here?"

2. We were writing alliterative phrases this week and a student came up with this one... Hippos hop to Hawaii to get hula skirts. Pretty good huh?

3. Inventive Spelling... Just like the word sounds!!!

4. Feel my sparkles... This CANNOT be explained. I would have to tell you in person. Maybe the most HILARIOUS thing to ever happen to me as a teacher!!!

5. We were studying alliteration... The sentence that went with this picture was, "Manny made Marty mad!" When the student explained the picture he said that Manny (on the left) made Marty (on the right) mad, by pulling down his pants. Thus the mean face and all the tears coming from poor Marty!!!

6. Some kid asked me right as they were leaving if I lost all my weight when I was in my fifties?

7. When studying puns a kid shared this one... What do you call a pig that does karate???
Answer: A Pork Chop!

Happy Saturday!

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