Saturday, September 11, 2010

Silly Saturday 3

Here are a few happenings from this week that made me laugh...

1. On a computerized test that my kids had to take in the computer lab this week one sentence in a comprehension passage they had to read said..."I was sitting on the toilet in the downstairs bathroom when a spider fell from the ceiling."

2. When letting a class toad go near the school pond, a student asked me how you could tell a boy toad from a girl toad... She thought the boys had more bumps.

3. When a student was entering her AR password I kept telling her to enter her number... She never could get it to work. She was supposed to put it in her lunch number that she has been using for 4 weeks, but instead she was using her phone number

4. A kid told me he had a midget skateboard... I asked him what midget mean. He said, "O Mr. D haven't you heard??? Midgets are people but they are miniature grown ups."

5. A student walked into a 5k classroom. She announced to the teacher that she was new today and this was her new class. The teacher, "un" notified about a new student was puzzled and begin to help the girl find her class. After several minutes the teacher looked her bookbag to find out she was in 4k. The little girl replied, "I was 4 yesterday, today I am 5 and I want to be in your class."

6. This one is all on me and non school related... I went running last night. When I returned I was so ready for water and a shower. I would have to wait though... I locked myself out!!! O well, I did an extra mile and half waiting on a key!

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