Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Keep Your Head Up!

This past Saturday I was walking into the AT&T store to have my contacts transferred on to my new phone, when I passed a lady leaving the store. She was a very plain looking lady, meek in appearance, and visibly looked poor. She was walking...no car, and from the looks of her bag she was returning some opened merchandise.

When I passed her I was looking down at my feet, not to ignore her at all, but I was having one of those days where I was feeling sorry for myself and didn't feel like being chipper. I am quite certain I was not smiling at all... It had been a REALLY LONG DAY and I was up til 2am the night before on the phone with Apple Tech Support... I was just not in a good mood!

After I passed by, I heard her voice say to me.... "Keep your head up!" It kind of startled me a bit, and I turned around to look at her...She repeated, "Keep it up!", and smiled with the biggest grin!

At that moment a conviction set in on me, that unfortunately has not been there in a while... Here I was, blessed beyond measure, having all that I could ever want or imagine, but feeling sorry for myself, and this woman, who appeared to possibly be homeless, or at least not very well off, reminded me to keep my head up!

I can hear in her in my head 3 whole days later.... "Keep your head up!" I heard her the whole time I ran on Saturday.... Every time I would look down while I ran I would lift my head back up. A few times that helped me to see oncoming cars... Who knows??? Could have kept me from getting hit by one of them.

I have no idea of knowing who the lady was, and probably never ever will, but I am so glad that somewhere in her heart she felt compelled to say that to me. It might seem so insignificant to some of you, and maybe even to that lady that said it, but it meant the world to me!

Lady, where ever you are... Thanks for reminding me what it is all about!

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