Monday, August 30, 2010

Homemade Pimento Cheese

If you don't have these 3 items in your house... stop reading now, go get them... then come back!

Great... now that you're back let me tell you that these 3 ingredients, when mixed together just the right way, can make the most delectable treat you will ever taste... Homemade Pimento Cheese.

I am sure some of you are asking, "Where are the pimentos?" Well, in my version there are none. "Then why not call it Roasted Red Pepper Cheese?", asked my non-Southern friend... She can't help it bless her heart... She just wasn't privileged enough to be raised way down deep like the rest of us....

To make this tasty treat shred your own cheese. Don't buy the preshredded. It is was too dry. You need a rather large block too. Don't be cheap!

Next, dice up the roasted red peppers really fine. I use about half a jar. You find this particular kind of pepper right beside the pickles. Add the diced peppers to your shredded cheese.

Finally add about 2 big scoops of Duke's Mayo. (or more if you like a lot!)

Now, if you are unfortunate enough to live where they don't make Dukes's, quit making the pimento cheese and start packing to move back home. Why in the world would you live somewhere like that??? Nonetheless, you may use another brand of mayo but I cannot be held responsible for the lack of taste.

After you add the mayo mix it thoroughly and refrigerate. Let it get good and cold then spread it on anything edible and eat the hound out of it. It is so good on just about anything.

Some of my favorite things to eat it on... Hamburgers, Steaks, Wheat Thins, 100 Calorie Bread Rounds, and of course just plain 'ole loaf bread! Hope enjoy it!

Did I really just post a recipe? That is hilarious!!!! Enjoy it anyway!

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Teri said...

bThere are so many things to love about this post. "Eat the hound out of it" and "loaf bread". I have never heard the term "loaf bread" before. I love it! I will have to get me some red peppers and whip up a batch. We don't have duke's mayo...or even hellmans's, will Best Food's do????? Don't you feel bad for me and my grocery selection?