Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Reading Tourney

Our school is participating in a district wide reading tourney where teachers read as many pages as possible over the summer. The school with the most pages wins something... I really have no idea what... bragging rights I guess... We are doing this because we wanted our kids to participate in the kid tourney. They will be expecting us to win like we are hope they win.

Anyway, the last time I read a whole "grown up" book was years ago, and it was most likely a requirement for some class. My reading consists of blogs, children's book and My attention span requires short chapters and lots of bulleted info.

So far this summer, I am happy to announce that I have read 3 whole books and started a 4th. Below are the ones I have read.

This one was first.... LOVED IT! Everyone should read it.

This one is going to be our school's book study for the school year. I was a nerd and read it early. Easy read and I learned a lot.

AWESOME!!!! Get it on Amazon and read it. I read it in 1 day! I don't do that people.

This is the 4th one that I have started... When I get finished there are a few more below I hope to tackle before school starts back.

Hopefully I will get to these.... Any others I need to get?

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Jennifer said...

I loved The Shack... Let me know what you think of Spritual Messy I have been debating reading it.