Friday, July 17, 2009

Evolution of a Deck: Day 1 and 2

Since last summer I have been thinking about adding on to my existing deck. I love to have people over and needed more space outside. I bit the bullet this week and started the process. No I am not building it myself... but I know a good builder!

Before the work began.

The materials arrived Wednesday afternoon.

This was the end of day one, Thursday afternoon. It took a while to get the posts in because of a lot of bedrock that was hiding just beneath the surface. It kinda gives you an idea of where I am going with this. The finished product will look like a "T," and the window to the left will become a door.

Here is the end of Day 2. In a matter of no time I was walking around on it today. It was exciting to see it there so quickly.

This view from the ground shows even more of an outline of what the finished product will look like. The empty frame that is coming out of the large part will be a step down patio with room for the grill to the right and then the steps will come off to the left. The 6x6 posts to hold it up will be concreted in first thing in the morning. The little skinny boards are just there to brace it temporarily. The mess in my yard is about to tear my nerves up, but it's all in the name of progress. It should all be finished by this time next week. Keep your fingers crossed.


Teri said...

Luv it.

The Hartsells said...

Looks GREAT and you'll have a great place under the deck too!!! VERY NICE!!!!