Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blog From A Front Porch Swing 1

It's Saturday... kinda overcast... with a chance of sprinkles... This has to be one of my favorite kind of days... There is a slight breeze and just enough humidity to keep you from drying out, and the porch swing is moving at just the right pace. The ferns are twirling about, and "Everlasting God" is playing on my Bose sound dock...

I love it right here in this spot.I can see the robins are diggin' up something in my front yard... Freshly weeded yard I might add. I got up this morning and got to work... I feel good about the work. My yard is not the most beautiful in the neighborhood, but their is a sense of pride when you've worked outdoors. I bought 2 new Hibiscus too. One is like a Hibiscus tree. I potted it and it is beside my door. The other is just a bush. I planted it around the corner.

No garden yet, but I think I am gonna do what Katie said in her comment and plant it in buckets. That totally eliminates the need for a tiller, and I really don't want to plant too much. Better get on that next week. There is some more time today, but got other things more pressing right now...

What you ask??? The 2 mounds of laundry laying my bedroom floor. They have been clean for a week and just laying there. My good friend "JJ" says she likes to leave her clothes there and have a "pickin pile" I guess you can say I have had a pickin pile this week and last.

I also need to get some school stuff done.... plans, plans, and more plans. Never can plan too much. Especially here at the end. Have to have lots for them to do or they can get crazy. Hard to believe only 22 more days and I will be at the end of my 7th year. Where in the world does time go?

As I was cleaning up the flower beds this morning I caught me a toad for school this week. We are studying amphibians. We have some tadpoles at all different stages in the class and now we have an adult to with them. He is Eastern Spade Toad... Please do not be impressed with my amphibious knowledge. We just looked at them Thursday on the Internet and I knew what to look for. His middle toe looks like a spade. They are very common in our area.

Well.. There is a pesky fly buzzing around me now... Gonna run. I hope for this to be one of many blogs from the front porch swing. Just some random thoughts and happenings as I swing and relax. I plan to spend lots of time right here this summer. Come back and see me.



miller10408 said...

Why dont you let your Eastern Spade toad suck up that fly that's bugging you? It is, after all, what they are for.

Ugh....I hate toads. So nasty.

jkstrib said...

Praise Jesus, 22 more days of my 25th year! Hard to believe!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a Chris Rice song. I love rainy weather -- much better than that mini "heat wave" we had last week up here!! I'll take the rain any day! Check out my latest post -- I think you'll find one part particularly interesting!

Jessica said...

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