Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a Blast!!!

This weekend I had the best time. It was my friend Gray's 30th birthday. He is the one in the red jacket below. The other guy on the end is named Will.

All 4 of us guys were great friends in college. Gray's wife Rebekah decided to throw Gray a surprise party down in Augusta so Matt and I went to down for a bit of a reunion. I haven't seen Gray since 2002 and it was soooo good to see him and hang out this weekend. I have seen Will and his wife Suzanne a couple of times since then but not a whole lot. They are both married with kids. (I was in both weddings.... always a groomsman never a groom.)

It was so weird to see them as dads but I could tell they were great ones!!! After dinner we all went to hang out at Starbuck's... My how the conversations were different.... We used to talk about the latest music and all of our crazy friends.... This time we talked about the economy, politics, and our new found medical ailments as we get deeper into adulthood. We laughed at ourselves, and thought about how all those who are older than us would say we are just babes.... Nonetheless we felt grown up this weekend... and it was a blast!!!

Will and Gray... I love you guys... Ya'll are like brothers to me. I am so thankful God allowed me to have such great friends. It's your turn to make the trip. See ya soon!!!
Suzanne and Rebekah... It was great to see ya'll too.
Take care of the boys and listen to all their "confessions."

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