Friday, March 13, 2009

Moon Pie

On Monday nights I watch the show, Big Bang Theory. (Click to see an episode.) This past Monday Sheldon revealed his nickname given to him by his grandmother..... It was Moon Pie!!! He said she called him that because he was nummy nummy and she could just eat him up.... Needless to say I thought that was hysterical.

This got me to thinking about all the different nicknames I have had over the years... I thought I would share a few with you.

1. Brother- my mom, Johnnie-Lynn, and most of her friends and the old youth group from Inman First calls me this.

2. Jedburg- Many people have called me this... 2 in particular come to mind. Steven Furtick, a great old college friend, and Steve Dyar, my former worship leader, who is now with the Lord.

3. Jethro- This has been one that has been around for me forever. It was revitalized by friend Teri back in 1994 on our European tour.

4. Babacar- This was my Wolof name when I lived in Africa. The natives we didn't know called us TooBob... That was the Wolof slang for white man.

5. Snoopy- This was my camp nickname when I worked with a team to run a Baptist youth camp in Alaska during the summer of 2000. The rest of the camp worker were other Peanuts Characters.

6. Mr. D Who Lives in A Tree- This was a name I gave myself when I worked in a special education project.

7. Jeddy Poo Poo- I cannot believe I just typed that, but it was/is a name my friend Meri calls me. We worked together for 8 years at FATZ.... The name just happened. Not sure why.

8. Jedwin- My middle name is Edwin.... No, not Jed Edwin.... J. Edwin...... so Jedwin just seemed to happen. I can remember being called this one early in life by my stepdad Johnny.

9. #1 Dumplin'- This is what my Granny calls me. I am the oldest grandchild and she reminds me all the time!!!

10. Presh as in "precious"- That is what my teaching partner JoAnn calls me. Not sure why... she just does. Another teacher friend calls me 'precious angel." Boy do I have her snowed :0)

11. BB- This is probably my favorite. It is what my nieces call me, and I LOVE IT!!!

I am sure I have been called other things, but these are my favorite.
What are some of your nicknames?

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jkstrib said...

When I was a child, mine was Julie Bug. Now, I am JuJu to most people!