Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rotting Christmas Trees

I cannot believe it has taken me 2 weeks to blog about this... Guess I was just in shock that it actually happened, and lost all my wits. But, I digress...

2 weeks ago on Saturday I awoke to find a Christmas tree dumped in m backyard. I was FURIOUS to say the least. I mean seriously who puts a Christmas tree in someone else's yard?? Especially, a month after Christmas. 

My backyard is not fenced in, and because of the way my neighborhood is, the yards are very close to one another... but there was NO WAY someone thought this was their yard.... It was right there... smack dab in the middle of my yard....

I didn't move it right away because I was hoping to catch someone down there messing with it. I never saw anyone come, but I know whoever it was came back because it had been moved just slightly the next morning to be more parallel with the creek behind me. 

Finally, I broke down and drug the dumb thing out this weekend since it was so nice outside. I loaded it up in my nice clean car and hauled it off... All the way to the dump I was fuming at whoever did it... There I was, wasting MY SATURDAY, because someone was too lazy to do it themselves...  

When I got to the dump... you guessed it... They wouldn't take it... I looked like an idiot riding around with a Christmas tree in my car on Feb. 7th, when it was 74 degrees outside. 

I was on my way to the landfill when my I called my sister, and asked if  could put it in the woods on her land. She has plenty of and woods so they would never see it. Thankfully I didn't have to make the trip all the way over to Lyman.

Whoever the tree person is.... SHAME ON YOU!!!! Take care of your own tree next time!!!!!!!!!

The irony about all this... the same day one ended up in my backyard... My neighbor decided to throw one in her backyard, so now every time I open my kitchen window, there it is.... a rotting tree!!!!!! BAH HUMBUG!!!!


John said...

Some People ARE JUST PLAIN LAZY,and are Very DUMB!!!!

Sara said...

next time, just burn it!! our family used to have an annual "tree-burning" tradition and time it to see how long it takes to burn... (outside, of course!) with a really dried out tree it was never took over a minute - no kidding!

this little pyromaniac fun time may take the bah out of your humbug :)

Rickards Family said...

Our organization does a tree-recycling event every January...and it's just drop off your tree. But, it never fails, we still get phone calls about where to take trees well into Feb. & Mar. What are these people thinking??? Sorry for your frustration and having to deal with someone else's ingornace. (LR)