Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mama's 50th Birthday!

Yesterday my mom turned 50. This has been a long awaited birthday for her, and for Johnnie-Lynn and I, as we have been planning a big surprise party for a while. I have wanted to talk about it on here FOREVER, but for the sake of the surprise I couldn't Below are the pics. The theme was "Fabulous at 50," and the colors were black and hot pink. They are randomly inserted. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!!!

Taylor and Sophie waiting patiently for Nana to arrive. They were so good!!! I owe them a prize! Don't they look cute!!!

Mama and her boyfriend Chuck on the dance floor.

My mom with her fan palm. A gift from me, JL and family, Chuck, and Matt.

This one is blurry but it is the only one I had of the entrance where mama came in.

Hot pink tulips on the gift table.

All around the party area we hung pics from the begging of mama's life til now on pink and black ribbon. This was a HUGE hit. Everyone loved this idea... It was mine :0)

Lawrence, Me, and Matt in our party duds... Black with a pink tie.

My sister Jessica (dad's daughter) and step mom Kathy.

Johnnie-Lynn, Me, and Mama.... All the girls were given those feather boas when they came in. They made a God awful mess all throughout Chuck's house.

We turned Chuck's garage into a restaurant/dance floor.

Chuck had these candles decorating his house, and we put pink ribbons on them in honor of the occasion.

This was the gift table. The zebra box to the left was for "the old lady's college fund" and on the right was a guest book.

The boa basket.

My Uncle Marshall, Aunt Cheryl, and Mama

Granny and Papa

The table centerpieces. We got the pink twigs from Garden ridge the day after Christmas for really cheap. Thanks Dennis for sending me over there!!!

The cake table

Up close shot of the cake. Please notice the high heel cake server. The heel is magnetic and can you can by different heels for different occasions. My mom LOVED it!

Another ribbon with pics.

The invitation that we sent back at the beginning of December.

Chuck's tree was all decked out in red before the party, so Johnnie-Lynn and I changed all the red decorations to hot pink and silver. It made the party just right!!!!!!

Johnnie-Lynn and I at the end of the party... 3:00 AM!!!!!!!! We were exhausted, but every second was worth it to celebrate 50 years of my mama. She is the best mama I could ever have and I love her so much. I cannot wait to start planning the next big one 6-0!!!!! Holy Cow...that means I will be FORTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


miller10408 said...

party looks awesome!! you went all out! such great ideas and great pics, too.

Allie said...

Hey Jed! Nice party. Your mom is a very lucky lady. By the way, I thought of you the other day. Brad was in the attic and his foot slipped off a beam, needless to say, through the ceiling his leg came. He is alright. Hope you are doing well!
Allison Sumerel

Jennifer said...

Your mom does not look 50 at all... .She is truly blessed w/ having 2 great kids that plan an awesome and beautiful party... I am sure she is still grining ear to ear...

PS: you can plan my 50th too you have 9