Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas '08 & New Year '09

Here is the long awaited Christmas Blog, coupled with News Years.... Enjoy!

Me and Mama at Granny's Christmas Eve.

All my little cousins and nieces playing with their favorite gift at Granny's, a voice changer, that I got them!!!!!

My annual Christmas Eve Bingo card. We play a quarter a card. I didn't win a dime this year.:0(

Do you think Taylor got too many gifts at Granny's?

Me, Matt, and my cousin Jamie in front of Granny's tree.

My pile of gifts Santa brought!!!

Taylor and her pile!

Sophie and her pile!

Sophie opened all her gifts by herself this year. She did so great and LOVED every second.

Taylor and her cute baker's hat and apron. Nana got this for her to go with a cupcake set I got her!

This pic was just too cute not to post!

Mine and Johnnie-Lynn's annual "In the Mess" pic. It is hard to believe that just minutes after this pic I was running a fever and throwing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fast Forward a week later.... New Year's Eve at my house.

My Asian Beef Kabobs precooking!

After cooking!

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