Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dec. 25th

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Tell me what Santa brought you!!!


teresa said...

New PJ's, pink camera, necklace, bible, ped-egg,and lots of fun with Matthew, Amy, and Mitchel. Hope Santa was good to you too.


Kelly said...

I'm so excited!! I got a long, warm, teacher's coat (the kind you need to survive recess duty in the winter!!)

Kevin and Shelley Arrowood said...

Santa Kevin brought me some insulated wear for fishing. New waterproof bibs and a cool fuscia pink jacket. I might not catch too many fish in the couples tour this year, but I will be the most stylish on the lake!!!!

Hope you are feeling better!!

Cluuccy said...

Sorry I'm just now responding, but been without internet for a bit. Golashes, necklaces, earrings, work out suit, Apples to Apples, FARKLE, and much more. Sooooo blessed!