Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break

Most people think of a break as a time to relax, regroup, and refuel for the next leg of the journey. Breaks for me usually end up being a time to catch up from the constant procrastination that has ruled and reigned prior to the said break. As you all saw on Tuesday, I spent the first 2 days of break weeding the flower beds, planting new stuff, and mulching. I wish I had a before pic to show you. It was down right hideous, and I am shocked that I didn't get a letter from the HOA. The black plastic sheeting that you use to prevent weeds had rolled up due to wind and the weeds in one spot were higher than the new spring growth of Hostas and Day Lilies. Had I not put that off for so long, it may have only taken 1 day instead of 2 to fix. Yesterday, the pressure washer came out and the mulch residue along with the pollen met its doom thanks to my roommate.  

Did I mention that I am also trying to accomplish a new running goal during the middle of all this yard work/housework? Some break huh? My goal was to run 10 miles every day of the break. So far I have run 10 miles each day for 4 days. I would love to accomplish 60 miles in one week. I have cracked 50 before, but 60 would be a new record for me. Tomorrow and Saturday shall tell the tale! They are calling for rain in the morning. Maybe a bit of cool water streaming down my face will make the 40-50 mile trek a little less difficult. Surprisingly, this morning's run was not too bad. Wish me luck!

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