Monday, April 23, 2012

Do I Really?

Do I really have 7 pairs of running shoes?

Do I really watch The Weather Channel for fun?

Do I really shape my rice into little mounds as I eat at an Asian restaurant?

Do I really have a Snuggie?

Do I really like ketchup on pintos, black eyed peas, and crowder peas?

Do I really cut my salad crosswise 3 different times before I eat it?

Do I really cut my waffle the same way?

Do I really eat Honey Nut Cheerios twice a day?

Do I really squirt ketchup on each individual Cheez-it at lunch?

Do I really have a brush just for my beard?

Guess which ones are true and you might win a prize! Hope you had a great Monday!

1 comment:

brynnsmommy said...

They all sound believable to me, although I prefer chow chow on my pintos.