Friday, April 13, 2012

60 Mile Week

Last week was spring break. It is supposed to be a time to relax and refresh yourself so the you can finish the last few weeks of school strong.  I am not much for sitting around and resting though... never have been. Even before I lost 85 pounds, I loved to be on the go. Some people call it busy, but I prefer to say using my time wisely. Soccer, church, band practice, volunteering, hanging with friends are parts of my weekly routine. Naps and sitting around are just usually not my idea of a good use of time. Since I have been a runner though, I have learned the value of a rest day for letting tired leg muscles recuperate from lots of miles. 

Speaking of lots of miles, and making my way back to my original topic, (I sure can chase a rabbit!) Over spring break I set a goal for myself on the first day of break to achieve a total of 60 miles for the week. (10 miles per day for 6 days, then rest on Easter Sunday.) My previous weekly mileage record was 54 miles. That was during the height of my training for my 2nd marathon. Since then, I average about 35-40 miles a week. I have no full marathons coming up soon, and I wanted to take the time over spring break to challenge myself with a new running goal. The goal did not include speeding through the runs, but trying my best to keep my normal relaxed pace of 7:30-8 minute miles. 

The first 3 runs of the week came and went no problem. My time for each 10 miler was between 75-77 minutes. Not a bad pace even though my personal best for 10 miles is 68 minutes. Day 4 a running buddy tagged along. He is a bit slower than I am, but the more relaxed pace was nice. Finished that run in 82 minutes. Day 5 he came back and ran again. This day my legs still felt great, but our overall time came to 85 minutes. Still not horrible, but a bit slower than I like.

Then, along came day 6. I was by myself. I was tired. My legs were heavy. I was tired. I wanted to sleep in. I was tired. I was in a whiny mood. Did I mention I was tired? I forgot to mention that on days 1-3, after I ran, I went home and did yard work for the rest of the day. YES... I WAS TIRED. Every step of that last 10 miler was painful. It was one of those runs where every step passed 54 miles (my previous weekly mileage record), I tried to convince myself to stop and be happy that I broke my record. I never did stop though, and eventually made it to my goal of 60 miles. It was a GREAT feeling to meet that goal. The whole time I ran, I could hear a friend of mine and the encouraging words he spoke to me when I told him my goal. He said, "If anyone can do it Jed, YOU can!" Those words carried my the last 6 miles into that new record. This week as I have gotten back on my normal weekly running schedule, and hurting just a bit from a record breaking week, his words are still carrying me... I can do it!

Speaking of... What is it that you think you can't do? I never in a million years thought I could run a 5k, much less 3 marathons...much less 60 miles in a week. No, most people can't just go out and run 60 miles in a week either. But, with training, determination, and hard work, most of us can do just about anything we put our minds to. Next time you are feeling like you can't, remember my friends words, 
"If anybody can do it, YOU CAN!" 

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