Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ice Maker

Someone asked me today if I could be any kitchen appliance, utensil, item, etc. which one would I be. I listened to the others in the room discuss their answers, and after a moment of thought, I decided that I would like to be an ice maker. Here's why.

1. Ice makers chill out. They are cool, calm, collected with no worries.

2. Ice makers are change agents. They literally impact water in such a way that it changes its state of matter!

3. Ice makers create solid results. Water has no stability, no shape, no form...but after one visit to the ice maker, it is solid!!!

4. Ice makers are hard working. It works all throughout the night to be ready for the next day. Many times during the night I hear its fruitful labor as the ice falls into the tray below.

5. The fruit of an ice maker is something everyone wants. That fruit makes an impact on any and everything it encounters.

Ironically, a lot of the qualities of an ice maker are qualities I desire for my own life. I want to be cool and calm. Who doesn't want to be a change agent? Everyone wants to create solid results and work hard. I most definitely want people to want the fruit that my life produces.

Hopefully this blog has got you to thinking about your kitchen...what would you want to be? Drop me a line and share. Be sure to think of me next time you get ice!

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