Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A "Full" Day

Some days are "full" as in way too busy, but others are "full" as in "your cup runneth over," and you cannot explain the joy that you had. Today was that kind of full day for me.

It began bright and early at 6:30 this morning when I was sitting at my computer in my classroom. A great friend walked in and just poured an ocean of encouragement over me. It was as if she saw a dry, desert plant in need of a drink and decided to unleash a fire hose on it. MAN, did I need her words!

Promptly at 8:00, the "fullness" continued as I watched our 3rd graders practice for our grade level performance on Thursday. The way those kids memorize lines, lyrics, and dances would put any elephant memory to shame! The last song of the program is so amazing too! Such an encouraging song coming from sincere little voices. I would love to tell you more about it, but its kind of a surprise. I will be posting a video of it after we perform.

At 10:45 the day just got "fuller." My assistant principal and I mentor a group of 5th grade boys at school. Once a month we meet and discuss manners, being gentlemen, etc. Occasionally, we leave school for a unique learning experience. Today, thanks to the awesome folks at Outback in Spartanburg, we took the boys and the ladies mentorship club out for a fantastic lunch. Outback really out did themselves. The ladies wore their nicest dresses and all of the gents had on the shirts and ties sponsored by our club. They all were so well behaved and looked so good. I was beyond proud!

When I returned to school at 12:30, I came back to a classroom full of Robotic engineers. I arranged for our district science coach to be there this week to get my students going with the Lego Robotics program. My students are amazing!!! Go here to check it out.

At 1:00 I ran down to visit the first grade where I slipped into character as "Sophisticated Sam." Sam is the boy counterpart to the new, famous book character Fancy Nancy. Our first grade does an incredible job teaching their students about manners through this unit. They conclude with a very "fancy" party on the last day of the week. My role is to be an example for all the boys. The kids were so good while I played the part alongside our guidance counselor Mrs. Arnold...AKA: Miss Manners.

After school I had an awesome, well deserved hour long massage before heading over to the first night of Upward Soccer practice. The first practice was sooooo much fun. I decided to handle the first day of practice just like the first day of school. We did lots of team building activities and "get to know ya" kind of games. The kids were very well behaved! And the best part...One of my students from school is on my team!

Shew...just typing all about today wore me out, but MAN... HOW FULL was my day! It is days like this that teachers need to store in a jar and pull it out a take a big swig on the days when we fill so defeated. Unfortunately, those days can come way to often if you let them. Thankfully, this day filled up my jar, ran right over the brim, on the table, down to the floor, and across the room. It was so good, I am gonna leave the mess everywhere and just take it all in!

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