Thursday, February 9, 2012


No, I am not talking about the 26.2 kind tonight. That will be next week as I gear up for the Myrtle Beach Full. I am talking about a TV marathon. I don't remember these growing up, but it seems that they have really become common place over the last few years.

I must admit that I LOVE a TV marathon. It really doesn't matter what the show is; if I get hooked, I am there as long as I can stand it. I ashamed to tell you the list of marathons that I have gotten sucked into lately. It usually happens on a Saturday after a long run when I am tired and in a lazy mood. I know that is not an excuse that would justify me watching 5 hours of the Kardashians, but it has happened. Doggone... I told you that. I wasn't supposed to.

I live in the real world... I know there are others of you who get sucked into these just like me. You are most likely just as ashamed to tell that you watched 7 episodes of Hoarders in a row! That is one of my favorite marathons to waste a day with. Others I like are:

1. Law & Order (Any of the 500 they have.)

2. Deadliest Catch

3. Clean House

4. Cake Boss

5. America's Next Top Model (LOL!!!!! NOT... Just seeing if you are reading!)

What are some TV marathons that you have been sucked into?

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