Friday, January 20, 2012

Wall Of Fame

I never played sports when I was little. I disliked most of them, so none ever even interested me. I did succumb to pressure around 6th grade and embarrassingly struggled through little league baseball for a season. It was awful. I cried before every practice, I looked like a porker in the uniform, and the only girl in the league was on my team, and she was way better than me. They put me so far out in right field that I only touched the ball once all season. I did manage to get a hit one game. They told me after the inning was over that I should have stopped at 1st, but I somehow made it all the way to 3rd without getting out. At the end of the season I received the complimentary, self-purchased, want everyone to feel good, unearned trophy. (That is a whole other blog.) Who knows where it is today?? I am sure I held on to it for a long time before it ended up in the landfill. I never really earned it so I guess it didn't mean that much.

Now that I am all grown up, and over the bitterness (haha, not really huh?) that was little league, I finally have my "trophies" that I am so proud of. Below you see a pic of my "Wall of Fame." This is a wall in my guest bedroom that has a picture of me from every race I have run, along with my medals and race bibs. When I look at this wall I just beam with pride. Not in a boastful arrogant way, but in a humble, wow, look what the Lord has allowed me to do way. Every race has a tale behind it and this wall is a real life story book that I can go read and remember all the cool things that I have done and who I have done them with. There are pics of my family at the finish line, students I have run races with, and even a pic of one of my pastors covered in mud! You want your pic up there? Sign up and run a race with me. I would love to add you to my wall!

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