Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer So Far...

MY summer started off wide open, full throttle, and it continues to be that way... that said, my apologies to the 2 faithful readers who have been checking in, anxiously awaiting my posts. I had the greatest of intentions to blog all summer. I even made some videos to post at my first beach trip right after school was out, but for some reason they would not load. FAIL!!! I was annoyed that they wouldn't and let that annoyance deter me from blogging... Never fear though... There are pics of the entire summer, and if you are my friend on Facebook then you have seen the entire summer through my feet. Take a look below at my summer so far.

The last day of school my students gave me the bet gift ever. All of my parents wrote thank you notes and pitched in together to give me a new pair of running shoes. I was SOOO surprised and overwhelmed at their generosity. I have logged over 150 miles in this summer.

About 4 days after school, my friend Teri and her husband Justin, and their kids flew out from Utah to spend the week. We went to Myrtle Beach, Charleston, then back to Spartanburg. We had a great time!!! Teri and I met 17 years ago on a tour of Europe with Spirit of America National Honor Band... We have been friends ever since!

The 3rd week of June the family went to the beach for a whopping 10 days! It was AWESOME! Believe it or not there were no fusses. That's pretty amazing considering all of the "together" time. Here a few of my favorite pics from that week!

This past week was filled with races. I signed up for 2 in 3 days, both 5Ks. My goal: Break 20 minutes... So, how did I do?

This is race 1, Red, White and Blue Shoes 5K @ Furman. I broke 20 here with a time of 18:15. I was ECSTATIC! The competition was tough though, and I didn't place. I was 4th in my age group, and 40th out of 953.

This is me running in the Firecracker 5k, in Columbus, NC. I broke 20 again, much to my surprise due to the hilly course. I placed 5th overall and won my age division. Very Excited!!!

So, now you are all caught up. Maybe now I will be able to keep it up through the rest of the summer. Let me know if you are still reading. :0)

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Cindy said...

The pictures of you and your nieces on the beach are beautiful!