Monday, May 9, 2011


Over the past year of my life I have discovered I have this phobia called Sciurophobia (ski-ooro-phobia). I am a little embarrassed to tell you what it is, but I will tell you it is real!!! Go google it, and have a good laugh at my expense.

Running helped me to discover this. No, it's not a fear of running and your shorts falling, or being chased by dogs...although it does have to do with another varmint I encounter along the trails I run. I can hear them rustling in the leaves, lurking in the shrubs waiting to pounce on me. Sometimes, along the Rail Trail downtown, they will even sit and wait on me to get right near them. Then they dart out right in front of me, leaving my already pounding heart to work overtime due to the adrenaline rush of fear that surges through me!

They literally terrify me! I think it all started with my deck cushions. I knew they were out there laughing at me as they huddled in their cozy, warm nest waiting for the next opportunity to strike again. Nothing phased them... BB guns, poison, hot sauce... They scoff in the face of the dangers I set out before them. They have even begun to attack my dreams. Maybe I will get over this soon, or else this could be the beginning of a long drawn out ride of horror.

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