Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Laughed A Lot Today!

1. A student was using the restroom in the classroom when I heard them scream... "A WORM!" It was a random inch worm crawling up the wall in the bathroom in my classroom. Guess he hitched a ride on a student.

2. I walked around the room for 10 minutes looking for my scissors that I just laid down only to discover that they were tucked under my arm.

3. As we started learning cursive today a student asked, "Does this kind of writing make me a grown up...If so, I am not ready!"

4. At our soccer game tonight the boys played hard, but it was honestly like herding cats. If you ever want to have some great free entertainment, come on out!

5. Funniest thing ever!!! I was driving to school on the same route I do everyday. As I drove by this house the front door flew open, and out drove a man on a moped. He had placed a 2x6 over the steps and drove right out onto his sidewalk. He drove out as if it was completely normal to drive a moped out of your living room. I laughed all the way to school!

Did anything funny happen to you today?

1 comment:

Lori said...

LOL hysterically at #5...only in Sptbg!