Thursday, April 21, 2011

Broadway In The Springs

Kim Jones, the drama teacher when I was at BSHS, is retiring this school year. 15 years ago she began presenting Broadway shows with the drama department. Way back in the day, when I was a student, I had the privilege of playing in her first production at BSHS, Oklahoma.

This year she is going out with a bang! Beauty and the Beast! Tonight is our first full rehearsal, and I was amazed at the way the auditorium had been transformed into the Beast's castle. I would show you pics, but that would ruin the surprise. I have heard that the costumes are AMAZING, and of course the music will be too. We are playing the actual Broadway score.

The play runs May 5-7 @ 8 each night. If you want tickets let me know. Wish me luck, there is lots of practice to come, but this is gonna be a blast.

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Mrs. Munden said...

I'm green with envy...tell Mrs. Jones I said hey...and I too remember Oklahoma! How could I forget- it was right after you stood me up for prom!!!! LOL