Sunday, March 6, 2011

14 Days Til The Marathon

Once school was finally out, and I could run whenever I wanted, I decided it was time to sign up for some races. I chose 2 totally random ones to sign up for.

1. Jim Hauser Race For Sarcoma 5K in Greenville- I chose this one because of an invite from a great family at my church; The Payne's. Their son Andrew runs cross country for Dorman and he was running in this. Allison, the mom, had been a big encourager for me that day at our church race, and she thought that I would enjoy running. I even talked Matt into running it with me. It was a great race. I felt really good about it as I ran. We stayed for the award ceremony because we were pretty sure Andrew won his age group, and mush to my surprise, I place 2nd in my division. I WAS SHOCKED! Just months ago I started this whole thing, and here I was winning something... My time was 21:48. That is 6.9 minute mile... Way better than my 10-11 minute mile at the beginning of March, and this was July.

This is the group of winners. I lost to the guy on the far left in the blue shorts. It felt good to lose to someone who looked like a "real" runner.

2. Back To School 5k in Duncan. I signed up for this one on my own. Don't have any pictures of it but I sure wish I did. This one was a month later, and I was more conditioned. My time improved to 21:16...6:51 minute mile. I was ecstatic as I crossed the finish line and saw that time. We hung around for the award ceremony, and low and behold... I WON my age division. I was shocked! I had never been so proud to receive a prize as I was that coffee mug that they presented to the winners.... I wonder where that thing is???


Mrs. Ethridge's Technology Tips said...

I'm so proud of you Jed! You are such an inspiration to us all. Can't wait to hear about your marathon. Where will it be?

J.E. said...