Friday, February 25, 2011

Calllllllll IT!!!!

Last night my school held its annual "Beacon Night" For those readers not from around here The Beacon is a local, greasy spoon restaurant that is a must for burger enthusiasts and politicians looking to get a vote. You can read more about it on their website here.

During "Beacon Night," teachers call out the orders, assist in serving food and drinks, and monitor the dinning area for refills. My 30 minutes of service was at the drink station. You may think, "O that would be easy!!!" Let me tell you, easy is not the word! Those people have a system and my body was just a speed bump that got in their way!

If you ever have to man the drink station... Here are some tips!

1. Keep filling the cups with tea and ice... there could be a bus on the lot at any time.

2. Use the gallon jugs of tea for faster refills.

3. DO NOT put a drink near the cash register!!!!!

4. Apparently there is MUCH skill involved in making a half/half tea that my 10 years of waiting tables did not teach me.


I got yelled at more than one time for not following these rules, but I must say it was lots of fun. The kids love seeing us back there working. One former student said, "Mr. D you look different." It must have been the film of grease that was coating my body as I stood near the fries.

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