Friday, February 18, 2011

Brief Bloggin'

I know the blogs have been brief this week... I have been out of town for a conference and my time has been limited to say the least... I'm home now, and I feel like I have been to summer camp. I am full of good memories and made lots of friends, but I am worn slap out. I am already in the bed. Hopefully this upcoming week will find me back on a normal schedule.

Since I have blogged little lists the past few nights, I thought of another list of random things I wanted to share as I drove the 4 hours back from the beach alone today.

1. When you are driving on the interstate, move to the right lane if you are poking... GOOD GRIEF. Ok, now I feel better... no more venting.

2. Tomorrow is exactly one month til my very first marathon. I am starting to get nervous. I am gonna attempt 22 miles tomorrow. Wish me luck!

3. I downloaded a Miley Cyrus song yesterday... Did I lose my man card or my adult card? Who cares??? It is a good song!

4. I heard a story this week about a lady who drove for an hour with a deer stuck in the grill of her car. She knew she hit him, but had no idea he was in the grill until she got to her house.

5. Today when I was pumping gas the pump was really slow. I should have moved to a different pump but the station was very busy. It took me 15 minutes to get 18 gallons. The little ticker was barely moving.

6. I heard this quote today, and it is my new life motto... "You can wrap manure in powdered sugar all you want, but it is never gonna be jelly doughnut!"

7. In 7 days my Donors Choose project will expire, and I will lose the money I have gotten so far. Click HERE to help me out!

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