Sunday, January 9, 2011

Southern Snow

Anyone who knows me should know that I LOVE the snow. I can hardly wait each year for the little snowflake icon to start appearing in our weekly forecasts. The excitement that goes through my body is reminiscent of the thrill of waking up to gifts from Santa on Christmas morning. Yes, I am that giddy tonight just at the possibility of another big snow this season. Here are just a few things that I love about a good 'ole Southern Snow!

1. Everybody gets giddy... You talk about it at school, church, the beauty shop, and with random strangers in line at Wal-Mart. Just the forecast of it a week out, and we still get stirred up... We just can't help ourselves.

2. Bread and Milk... I love that this is our way of life down here. I have no qualms about telling outsiders from the north that it is who we are. We have had a few bad experiences where we did not listen to the weatherman or we were all caught off guard without the staples, so bread and milk are a must. A few years ago we had a horrible ice storm and people were iced in for a week. I think getting bread and milk and a roll of toilet paper is a pretty good idea.

3. No School, No Work... We like to take things slow down here in the South. Why not take a day off to enjoy the fun that snow brings? Whatever you think is so important that it cannot wait a day or two til the snow is gone is not a big deal. Chill out, get some hot chocolate and enjoy the day.

4. Sledding on anything but a sled... Who in the world has a sled? Well, ok, I have one, but a piece of linoleum or a fast food tray work just fine. As matter of fact a friend of mine told me that a piece of under pinning from her mobile home worked better than any sled she had ever owned!

5. Snow Pics... Every time it snows my family is quick to rush out and get pics. Mainly of ourselves, and our cars... Who knows why the car, but I must have 20 pics of different cars in the snow.

All this said, I realize I am blogging prematurely about the forecasted snowmaggedon that is expected to arrive in just a few hours... If it doesn't do anything but rain, then reminisce about the wonderful white Christmas we had just a few weeks ago, and have a great day at work...but if it does snow... Have a great SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Summer said...

I know it exactly what you mean!!! I am just like a kid when it comes to snow!!! Have fun in the snow:)

teresa said...

I could not sleep last night waiting on the snow. Boy, was it worth it we have 7 inches and it's still snowing!!! Let's all have fun.