Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snowman Kit

Back in 2002 my mom made me this snowman kit. She had this idea all on her own and then it seemed the next Christmas we saw them premade from China in every store we went in. I have seen them more and more since then. This one however is handmade, and very special to me. She painted the box and snowman, and nailed his hat on top.

Inside, she put a long piece of felt with frayed edges for the scarf. She got a foam carrot from Michael's and put a wooden dowel rod in it. She bought 3 large wooden circles, 2 med. and 5 small to make his eyes, nose, and buttons.

Believe it or not, I did not make a snowman with the kit until March of 2009. It snowed several times from 2002-2009, but I was either where I couldn't get the kit or the snow wasn't the right texture. You can't make a snowman with just any old snow. The first time I made the snowman with this kit, I decided to write the date and amount of snow on the back. I was so happy to add Dec. 25th-26th to the list. After I write the date, I print a picture of me and whoever helped build the snowman to keep inside the box.

I cannot even fathom what a treasure this will be to me one day. I already love this thing so much. I wonder how I will love it in about 30 more years?

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