Monday, December 6, 2010

25 Days of Christmas-6

Don't you love seeing presents under the tree? I do not care where I go during this time of year, if I see a tree with presents under it I get so excited. The excitement comes from way down in my toes. I get down right giddy like I was a kid. I always want to sneak around underneath the tree and look for my present even when I know there is no way in the world there is a present for me under there. I actually have been known to look under the trees at Dillard's and Belk's... Much to my disappointment the boxes are fakes!!!

I remember specifically one year when my snooping under the tree paid off. I was looking and looking, and back behind the tree there was the biggest wrapped box I had ever seen. (Well, the biggest my 8 year old eyes had seen.) I looked on all sides of the box and found the tag. Sure enough, it said, To: Jed!!! I was ecstatic. It was Castle Grayskull. Most of you probably do not even know what that is. How sad!!! It was the castle where He-Man lived and got his power. I still get excited talking about that day.

I know we are not kids anymore, and most of that excitement is gone, but I hope that at some point this Christmas season you'll forget that you're a grown up full of pride... pick up a box... look at the tag... give it a shake... and have a moment that you'll remember forever!

Merry Christmas!


Stacy said...

My mother in law found my husbands castle greyskull the other week and gave it to Noah. He loves it!

The Rickards Family said...

Even though I didn't have a Castle Grayskull, I remember the year my cousin got one from our grandparents. He was so excited. I got Cabbage Patch dolls! :)