Saturday, December 11, 2010

25 Days of Christmas-11

Christmas parades are a great tradition for my family. We went to the downtown Spartanburg parade every year of my childhood that I can remember. Then when I got to high school I marched in at least 2 every year. During college my mom and step dad had a DJ business and we rode in every little po dunk town parade from Tryon to Pacolet. Today I got to get my first taste of a parade since last year. I was a little disappointed because my sister, brother-in-law and nieces weren't there, but my mom and I had fun anyway. Here a few pics I snapped of the parade.

This Pizza Inn van made me laugh.. My thoughts.. Just because you wrap it up in garland doesn't make it Christmas!

Nothing makes me merrier than Santa and his elf riding a Harley!

Every Woo deserves a little Christmas cheer. I say let him out!

This is BS Junior High Band. This made me cry. I loved the band so much! I was sooo disappointed that the high school band was not in the BS parade. Apparently the genius who scheduled the parade scheduled it on the same day as the ACT and half the band had to take the test. Hoping they plan better next year.

These last 2 are friends of mine Eddie and Pam who are members of a military history club here in the upstate.

I am sure there is a parade near you over the next few weeks. So, pack up a camping chair, put on your "tow"boggin', get you a biscuit from Hardee's, plant your hinney on a curb, and partake in the festivities. You'll have a blast as you make merry on the side of the street!

Merry Christmas!

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