Saturday, November 13, 2010

Silly Saturday 10

Here are some things that made me laugh this week.

1. I asked the class, "Why did Johnny Appleseed plant apple trees?" A student replied, "Because there wasn't any." I said, "well, yes you are right." Then I asked, "Who did he plant the apples for?"
Another student shouted, "Humans!!!"

2. A student in another class stopped me to tell me that he was born in 2002 and that it took him 8 whole years to turn 8 years old. When I asked his classmate how long it would take for him to turn 15, they said... about 17 years.

3. When we were practicing for our Veteran's Day program our narrator said, "Thank you to all of the veterinarians!"

4. Here is a letter one of my students wrote to his mother after the Veteran's Day program.

5. Here is a picture of these sticky rats that someone brought to school the Friday before Halloween. They threw them up on the ceiling and they stuck. I told them they would stay there until they fell down. 2 weeks later and they are hanging strong!

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