Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Eve

It is late on Monday...I am up late studying for voting tomorrow. I have been seeing this sign all around town and I just cannot help but see the irony (and humor) in this pic... A politician over a toilet? I do not know this man. I am sure he is not a bad guy. I just read a letter from him on a website and he seems to be a generally nice person, but the overall idea of a politician's face over the toilet just seems a bit ironic to me. What say you?

I will not tell you who I am voting for, because I still at this late hour on election eve have not decided, and because this blog is mostly entertaining and NOT political. I will be voting though. It is an honor and privilege! I cannot stand it when I hear people say they don't vote. They all have an excuse, but they are all so invalid to me. If men and women all around the world are risking their lives so I can vote and be free, it is the least I can do to educate myself and elect a leader... Get out there and let your voice be heard. I may just vote for this guy... who knows?

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