Saturday, October 30, 2010

Silly Saturday 9

Here are some things that made me laugh this week.

1. During indoor recess some kids were playing in my dress up center. I heard a boy's voice shout..."Hey, gimme that old lady wig!"

2. At recess this week one of the teacher's had to call down one of her kids. When he came over to her, he said, "I have 6 words for you... I did not start it!" Go back and count... you'll get why that was funny!

3. I was in the office during my planning, a kid walked in and announced that he was getting a Hannah Montana wig for his birthday so he could sing like a rock star!

4. Yesterday during a Halloween discussion, someone asked what a mummy was. A student replied, "It's just a dead guy wrapped up in toilet paper.

Happy Saturday!

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