Saturday, October 16, 2010

Silly Saturday 7

Here are somethings that made me laugh this week...

1. A question on the test said, "Explain how you know your answer is correct." The student wrote..."I know it is right because I am smart, I am always right, and I am 8 years old!"

2. After I gave the bonus word on the spelling test, a student knew where she could find it on the wall in the classroom but she could not see it from her seat. She sneakily went to the classroom bathroom so she could sneak a peek. I didn't say a word. I figured if she was smart enough to pretend to go to the bathroom so she could see it, then she deserved those 3 points!

3. A student told me that next week he was gonna brain wash me to like the Clemson Tigers.

4. Possibly on of the funniest things I have ever had the pleasure of overhearing at the lunch table:
Girl: My mom is gonna have a baby... I hope it's a girl so I can have a sister.
Boy: I wish my mom would have me a sister!
Girl: Is your mom pregnant?
Boy: No, she's not pregnant... I mean, she is really fat, but she ain't pregnant!

Happy Saturday!

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