Saturday, September 4, 2010

Silly Saturday 2

Here are some things that made me laugh this week...

1. We were reading this sentence in class... "The wolf howled at the moon after he ran in the snow." We were looking for verbs. I taught the kids to ask themselves the question.. "Can I..." and then say each word of the sentence... If they could do what ever they asked.... then it was a verb... Look at the sentence.. Can I "the"? no.... Can I "wolf"? no... Can I "howl"? yes (verb!) Can I "moon"????? One kid shouted out, "I can moon!!!!!" he giggled and knew exactly what he was talking about while no one else did. I lost my composure for just a bit! He was right though... it can be a verb!

2. We were studying the water cycle in class with a Ziploc bag half filled with water. We hang it in the window and let the water evaporate and condense. I told the kids we were gonna make clouds in the bag. A little girl asked, "Can we make it thunder in there too?"

3. Overheard on the playground... Girl: "Girls are better than boys. It says so in the book."
Boy: "What book?"
Girl: "You know, the one with all the rules!"
Boy: "You mean the Bible?"
Girl: "Yea, that's the one!"

4. During our Farmer's Day Dance a 2nd grader said he was "gone dance like he ain't never danced before." I wish I could have a recording of this. It was hilarious!

5. I saw a crayon rolling on the floor and asked someone to pick it up. Someone said... "Poor thing! He is homeless and needs a friend!"

Love this bunch of kids. They are gonna provide for many Silly Saturdays. Have a great weekend!

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